Jeff Robinson

Warehouse Manager

Jeff has been with EMC since 1998 and his background includes over 20+ years experience in warehouse management and purchasing.

Responsibilities include storage of materials/jobsite deliveries, receiving all shipments into the EMC warehouse. 

Jeff handles purchasing for various piping materials/consumables and general sheet metal items.  He is in direct contact with our foremen regarding tools and consumables/ inventory for items needed to the various jobsites-then said materials are delivered in a timely fashion. 

He also is responsible for tool management, revising all tool inventory and uses a green-tag system to assure that tools are in good condition before they reach the jobsite. 

In addition, Jeff is responsible for vehicle maintenance, maintaining DOT information for EMC trucks (mileage/ hours, medical cards, inspections), forklift maintenance and fire extinguisher maintenance. 

He is a member of the American Purchasing Society, is forklift certified and has successfully completed CEU courses in buying and purchasing.

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