EMC Project wins MCA Outstanding Piping Installation of the Year Award

Congratulations to the team on the GE Money Equipment Replacements project!


  • Pipe fitter foreman – JOE BEACHNER
  • Sheet metal foreman – DAN POHLMAN
  • Lead service technician - JEFF GARRISON
  • Service technician – FRANK STALONE 
  • Service Operations Manager – DAVE WHEELER
  • Project Manager – DAVID DEBIASSE


One of EMC’s recently completed projects has won top place in the Mechanical Contractors Association’s Outstanding Mechanical Installation (OMI) Awards, in the refrigeration category. 

EMC’s winning entry was the GE Money Equipment Replacements project which consisted of installing 12 RTU’s of various sizes, 4 AHU split systems of various sizes and 7 Liebert split systems.  The building was occupied throughout construction and one of the key challenges was the relatively short time frame in which the project took place, considering the large amount of equipment being replaced. 

The biennial OMI awards recognize outstanding piping installations and honor the quality, workmanship and high skill level of the pipe fitters on those projects.  

Entries are submitted in three categories –HVAC, process piping and refrigeration – and are judged on complexity of work, performance, quality of the installation and safety.

The awards were announced by the Mechanical Contractors Association of Greater Kansas City and will be presented at the MCA-OMI award ceremony in July 2013. 


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