Argosy Casino

  •  When Kansas City’s first casino, Argosy Casino Riverside, planned a $105 million renovation and expansion project in 2002, Environmental Mechanical Contractors, Inc was selected by General Contractor J. E. Dunn for the entire mechanical system.
  • The project, completed in December 2003, added new restaurants and doubled the size of the gambling floor, creating a 60,000-square-foot casino that replaced Argosy's original riverboat at Riverside.
  • The design included 1,804 coin-less slot machines; 40 table games; a new poker room with a dedicated cashier's cage and beverage service; two giant video walls and more than 70 plasma-screen  televisions.
  • An interesting aspect of the installation are the high-end specialty finishes for all exposed parts of the mechanical system.  All ductwork was placed above a trellis system in the ceiling and all diffusers were also hidden. 
  • EMC installed a VAV rooftop system, with large AON rooftops air handling units, on vibration isolators. 
  • As the entire casino floor floats on a bed of water in order to conform to riverboat restrictions, EMC also installed a basin ventilation system under the entire floor to prevent mildew. 
  • EMC also performed Test and Balance on the systems.
  • In 2004 EMC was contracted by Daktronics to install the cooling system in the entrance sign at the Argosy Casino Riverside. 

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