Bayer CropScience

Our relationship with Bayer CropScience was initiated in 2007 when we were asked, along with Lankford & Associates, to come out to the 8400 Hawthorne manufacturing, research & development plant in Kansas City, Missouri and perform a complete equipment assessment, identify and correct any deferred maintenance for areas that had not been fully utilized for several years. 

Environmental Mechanical assigned 2 technicians to the task and for one month they carried out a thorough inspection, assessing and repairing where needed. 

During this time, we found multiple areas that were experiencing problems that were drastically affecting performance and energy cost.  Fresh air intakes on two of the main air handling units were completely covered and plugged up with cottonwood silk which was causing an extreme negative pressure in the building.  After completely cleaning the intakes we rebalanced air flows and exhaust dampers which made an immediate improvement in the building temperature and conditions.  Along with this work we found and repaired multiple steam leaks, control valves that were not functioning, blower fan motors not working and chilled water valves closed off.  The end result was a balanced, completely functioning system that is now providing constant air temperatures. 

Other projects that we completed for Bayer CropScience during this time were to certify lab hood air flows and re-balance the supply and exhaust systems, along with 3 office remodels.

An additional project was to replace a RTU on the water treatment control building and install zone dampers and a new control system, re-using the majority of existing duct work. 

After successfully completing a complete remodel on the 3rd floor, EMC was contracted for the 2nd floor remodel at this industrial facility.  Coordination presents an important challenge on this project, as work is being completed while the 1st and 3rd floors are occupied and functional. 

Shut-downs must be carefully coordinated so that the occupants are kept comfortable while we tie into existing systems.  On the 2nd floor, EMC is replacing all of the mains that feed the 3rd floor and this is being done piece by piece so as not to completely shut them off. 

A portion of the work throughout this period was won  through competitive bidding and a portion was also  negotiated.  This is a key indicator of the relationship that EMC has built with Bayer CropScience over this period. After having demonstrated our competitiveness in an open bidding situation and our ability to perform effectively, the customer was comfortable moving to a negotiated agreement.

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