Building 314 - Funston Hall, Fort Leavenworth

  • On this project, Environmental Mechanical Contractors removed an existing air handling unit and replaced it with an energy efficient make-up air unit capable of providing better humidity control and air quality. 
  • In addition to the replacement of the unit, ductwork was replaced throughout the building, and temperature controls, balancing the flow of air and water & piping insulation were provided.
  • The project required pre-planning and coordination with the occupants of the building during removal of the existing system and installation of the new system. 
  • This building was a secure building; nothing that could transmit a signal outward was allowed to be brought into the building.
  • All work was done in compliance with the standards that Public Works adheres to, along with normal construction industry standards as set forth by SMACNA and the Mechanical Contractor’s Association.
  • General Contractor:  SKE International Group
  • Engineer:  Bib & Associates


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