Dinning Facility, Fort Leavenworth

Environmental Mechanical was selected by LaSalle for this 19,750 square foot LEED project at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, that was completed in 2010. 

The new dining facility serves the men and women who are occupying the recently built barracks on the base. 

The facility can seat 268 people at one time, and more than 500 in 30-minute shifts.  There are four seating areas:  a small dining room that seats 30, a barstool seating area, a main dining area and booths.  There are large windows on the west side for natural lighting, skylights and plans for an outdoor seating area.  immediatly inside the entrance to the dining area on the south side, there are restrooms and exterior sinks. 

The HVAC system consists of chiller, boiler, RTU’s, AHU’s and 5 kitchen ventilation hoods with exhaust systems. 

The facility is LEED certified, with energy efficient standards as well as architecture to match the surrounding area. 

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