Grandview Elementary - Higginsville, Missouri

With HVAC units that differ in age from 13 to 55 years old, when the time came to provide a new energy efficient system at  Grandview Elementary, there was a lot of work to be done.

Grandview Elementary is part of the Lafayette County C-1 school district, which is situated on a one campus site of about 40 acres and serves Higginsville, Corder, Auville and surrounding areas. 

The school has a population of about 1,000 students.  Classes are attended in 3 buildings; Grandview Elementary (K-5), Middle School (6-8), and High School (9-12).  The original school was constructed in 1954 and was developed in phases throughout the life of the school. 

Most of the HVAC was a multi zone system, which was very popular in the time that the original building was constructed and energy costs weren’t seen as a large construction factor. 

So the goal of Environmental Mechanical Contractors was to provide a new energy efficient system, with an affordable HVAC control system. 

With the assistance of Malone, Finkle, Eckhardt, and Collins Engineering, EMC was able to develop a method that would solve each of the problems and stay on the tight schedule which was restricted to the months of summer break.  

The replacement equipment chosen, 42 single packaged roof top units ranging in size from 4-25 tons, would allow each individual room to have complete control over the temperatures in their space.  Overall, we replaced 29 outdated roof top units and added additional units so that all of the rooms are served by separate units for better climate control and energy conservation.

We installed a complete new control system for the Grandview Elementary School and also installed a new control system for the middle school and high school building located on the same property.The use of the new control system provided the end user with a cost effective HVAC control system that is designed to give all of the visual display information without the high cost of a DDC control system.

The system that EMC implemented went above and beyond solving the original problem; the new system gave the end user the capability to see all of the space temperatures, add or adjust temperature set points, confirm equipment operation, disable equipment as needed, and added a link to the schools existing website that is password protected enabling the maintenance staff to view the system from any computer with internet access.

The project schedule was extremely tight; work began in June 2009 and was successfully completed --on time and ahead of budget --  for the start of school on August 12, 2009.

As the Prime Contractor for this 56,000 square foot design/build project, Environmental Mechanical  selected and managed subcontractors for electrical, controls, roofing, helicopter lift, gas piping, ceiling and cleanup.




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