KU Medical Center

For Environmental Mechanical, a job does not end when a system is installed or repaired. We strive to develop relationships that withstand the test of time.  A key example of this is our relationship with KU Medical Center.

KU Med is Kansas’ premier academic primary through tertiary care hospital, which sits at the heart of the 50-acre campus of  the University of Kansas Medical Center.  

Environmental Mechanical is extremely proud to hold the Commercial Mechanical Services – On Call contract with KU Medical Center. 

We were awarded the base contract (2 years) in 2003 and have been awarded subsequent option renewals which were won through hard work, reputation and performance. 

An illustration of our commitment to KU Med is an emergency pipe replacement at Wescoe Hall that came up in July 2010.  It was after lunch when EMC received the call from the KU Medical Center.      
Due to the breakdown of the vapor barrier on the existing insulation, the steel pipe was corroded to the point that it could no longer hold pressure and had burst on several occasions, causing considerable damage to property.   
The existing black iron chilled water piping needed to be replaced with new copper piping. 
After the decision was made to replace the pipe on July 14th, Environmental Mechanical assembled a crew, tools and material. We worked two night shifts on Wednesday and Thursday to replace the pipe on the 1st floor, and then worked around the clock, beginning Friday night, to replace the pipe on the other five floors, finishing the piping at 10pm Sunday, and finishing the insulation at 2am Monday morning.
Phase I consisted of the demolition and build-back of all piping associated with a single riser. This one riser served a total of six floors, with 4 - 7 FCU’s on each floor. The old pipe was demoed and capped at the old riser, the new pipe was installed and tied-in to a new riser previously installed by EMC under a different project. New isolation valves were installed at each floor on the supply and return, as well as at each fan-coil unit.
"We started work at 7pm on Friday evening and worked round the clock to have the building back in operation Sunday evening, ready for KU employees to come back to work on Monday morning", said Gene Darby, Field Operation Manager with EMC.  "All told, 17 men worked almost 400 man hours in two days to complete this project with little to no disruption of the customers’ daily business."   

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