MRI Facilities

CT Flash, University of Kansas Hospital - Kansas City, Missouri
This project involved the installation of a new CT scanner as part of a remodel at the University of Kansas Hospital at 3901 Rainbow in Kansas City, Missouri.  EMC installed the chilled water piping that is used to cool the CT scanner itself. All of the piping is in an interstitial space between floors.  This project was awarded on a Friday afternoon with the expectation that we would be on site the following Monday to begin work.  EMC routinely takes on quick turn-around and rapid mobilization projects; we started work immediately, as required, and the project was successfully completed in March 2012, 100% with our own forces.

Tremont Imaging Center, North Kansas City Hospital - Kansas City, Missouri
This tenant finish/remodel project completed in 2011 consisted of a space in the Tremont Medical Building owned by NKCH, that was being repurposed as an MRI facility. EMC performed selective demo of the existing HVAC system and installed a new VAV control system, closed loop chilled water cooling system for the MRI machine and a DX cooled Liebert system for the control room. The closed loop chilled water system employs a unique auto switch-over system that automatically switches to the city water supply for emergency cooling of the MRI machine should the facility ever lose the chiller for any reason.

MRI Replacement, University of Kansas Hospital - Kansas City, Kansas
This upgrade to an existing MRI machine was successfully completed in July 2011.  The new machine utilizes a closed loop chilled water system for internal cooling.  EMC demoed all existing HVAC equipment and  installed a new closed loop chilled water system and a new chilled water Liebert unit in the control room. Ductwork serving the space was also modified to allow the installation of the new MRI machine and new RF shielding.  An MRI machine in an adjoining space remained operational, so all construction work was performed “after hours” when the machine was not in use.  Adding to the complexity, the majority of the work was performed in a congested interstitial space.

West Plaza MRI Replacement, University of Kansas Hospital - Westwood, Kansas
This project, completed in 2011, consisted of a retrofit of an existing MRI machine.  EMC demoed the existing DX Liebert system and installed a new, more efficient Liebert system to cool the control room.  We also installed a closed loop chilled water system and a stainless steel quench vent for the MRI machine itself.  EMC successfully met the schedule for the project in spite of the long lead time for the new Liebert equipment, which arrived just one week before the finish date. 

SLS Imaging Center - Overland Park, Kansas
Tenant finish project at St. Luke’s South Medical Office Building, successfully completed in 2007 and consisting of 14 zones. 









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