Overland Park Sheraton ERU Modifications

Click to VIEW THE VIDEO of the helicopter pick! 

When the chilled water running to the ERU on the roof of the Overland Park Sheraton Hotel did not have the capacity to provide adequate make-up air, Environmental Mechanical was selected to resolve the issue. 

EMC installed a 100-ton condenser and stacked DX coils to provide air conditioning and converted the existing chilled water coils into re-heat coils. 
This is a multi-building campus, but the ERU only serves the hotel, and the bulk of our work was located on the roof.
In addition, we installed 22 manual balance dampers in the supply and exhaust risers on the roof so that the system could be more accurately balanced. 
In order to set the condenser unit and boils on the 20-story roof, EMC coordinated a helicopter pick at the site. 
The contract allowed for a 4 week total project duration.  The building was in full operation, although the top 2 floors had to be empty during the helicopter pick. 
The project was successfully completed in March 2012. 







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