St. Joseph Medical Center, AHU 3 & 4 Replacement

The purpose of this project at St. Joseph Medical Center was to replace the existing dual duct air handling units 3 and 4 with a penthouse unit composed of (2) AHUs.

The new units will be utilized in a dual duct operation, but in the future will be incorporated as VAV AHUs in the entire hospital retrofit from dual duct boxes to VAV with reheat coil boxes.

EMC’s scope of work included installation of penthouse AHUs (140,000 total CFMs) on the roof of the current AHU mechanical room. The AHUs have chilled water and steam coils.

We also provided and installed a new steam pressure reducing station, ductwork modifications and new tie-ins to existing supply and return mains.  A new 10,000 CFM AHU 39 (Energy Recovery Unit) will be installed in the current location of the existing AHU 3.

The Medical Center remained operational throughout project, with system tie-overs to the new AHUs requiring a 24/7 work schedule.

EMC has extensive experience working within operating areas of hospitals where the welfare of patients and staff are key. 

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