University of St. Mary - Leavenworth, Kansas

The University of St. Mary in Leavenworth, Kansas was established by the Sisters of Charity in 1859. It is now one of the best established Universities in the Midwestern United States. The institution has been ranked on the Princeton Review as a top academic institution for the past six consecutive years.
USM houses 340 of its diverse student population in two Halls, Berkel Hall and Maria Hall. The University also hosts many charitable events including a children’s basketball skills clinic each year.
The campus is comprised of 28 buildings sitting on 240 acres. A campus this size requires several cooling units. The towers that Environmental Mechanical successfully replaced, two 200-ton towers, ran 5-6 buildings simultaneously. The existing units were close to 20 years old, the average life of a cooling tower, and needed to be replaced. Proper maintenance and equipment replacement are key to the comfort of the students and staff of USM.
When the time came to replace the cooling towers, EMC was able to devise a plan to not only replace the existing units but also to make the units more esthetically pleasing and more energy efficient by adding a Variable Frequency Drive. The VFD will give the campus the ability to reduce the wear and tear on the new units during extremely hot days in the summer months by reducing the use of the tower fan. The new towers were stainless steel which will also extend the life of the HVAC system.
The project was completed in June 2010.  EMC was able to meet the scheduling needs of USM, working around events and campus life, and finished the project on budget and on time. The campus will see the benefits of their new HVAC upgrade for many years to come.
In addition, in Auguest 2011 Environmental Mechanical completed a separate design/build project at Berchmans Hall, which involved repurposing a forgotten, used portion of building into a modern lecture hall.  
Berchmans Hall, erected in 1930 and named for Mother Mary Berchmans Carman, first president of Saint Mary, faces the front circle and houses the student life offices, student center, swimming pool, and the offices of the department of behavioral sciences. Berchmans assembly rooms are often used for meetings and conferences.
Berchmans Hall has a two-pipe system which, by its nature, does not easily switch over from heating to cooling. 
Buildings all over campus have periods, usually in the early fall or early spring, when either heating or cooling is needed but not available because the two-pipe system is in the other mode. 
Environmental Mechanical designed and installed a new system, with a portion of its heating and cooling capability “self contained” so that this lecture hall/assembly area could provide the needed heating or cooling at any time, independent of the campus two-pipe loop.


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